Intermediate Pickleball Class — Intermediate Pickleball Class - How to get to the Kitchen as the Serving Team — 6/26/2022

Starts 10:00 AM Ends 11:30 AM

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Enrollment is closed.


This class assumes that you are getting to the kitchen on your return. We are going to focus on the second part of the Pickleball point where the returning team is both at the kitchen while the serving team is back waiting for the return to bounce. I will discuss different shots for both teams including the 3rd shot drop and drive. Along with the different types of 4th shot volleys that the returning team will use to keep the serving team away from the kitchen.

Players signing up for this class should be able to hit the ball clean and consistently. If your goal is to "just hit the ball over", please sign up for my "hitting the Pickleball" class instead.

This Intermediate Pickleball class is for players that are very comfortable with hitting the ball and having the ball hit hard towards them (we will practice drives from the baseline towards players at the kitchen.)

IMPORTANT: Class Pre Requisites

You must be able to honestly answer "Yes" to all of the questions/statements you are asked when enrolling for this class (such as being able to hit the ball consistently.) These questions are asked when enrolling for the class (after you have created an account and are logged in signing up). If you answer "no" to any of them, then your spot in class will not be confirmed.

Demo Paddles Available to Test During Class

You will also have access to demo some of the top paddles in the game. Feel free to try out some of the following paddles listed here in my blog post: I will bring them to class and you can test out a few for fun while we learn.

How do I Register an Account Here Online to Enroll in this Class?

Click the "Register" button to create an account (usually at the top right of this webpage. You may have to scroll up). Then you should be able to Register for this class and pay for it online to complete registration.

How do I pay to reserve my spot?

You will need to prepay to reserve your spot. You can pay me directly (Coach Calvin Keeney) through Venmo ( or Paypal (email 

Can I retake the class?

Yes you may retake the class if you want to become more comfortable with the class material.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

Let me know if you need to cancel your reservation. If you do so 5 or more days before the class, then you will get your money back minus the $10 admin fee. If you cancel 3-5 days before class, then you will receive 50% of your money back. There is a "no refund policy" for cancelling 2 or less days before class. (A lot of these classes fill up so please cancel early so others can take your spot.)

*Note - It might be possible to take a different session if you give me enough time in advance. Ask me for options and I can help you find what's best.

Other Questions?

Feel free to reach out to me at 512-781-9749 or email me at for any other questions. I look forward to seeing you on the court!

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Austin Tennis Center
Austin's newest and largest municipal tennis center with 12 lighted courts, a lighted backboard, and a fully staffed Pro Shop
7800 Johnny Morris Road
Austin , Texas 78724