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Come out and experience why Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the country.  Try playing on one of the 8 permanent pickleball courts at Austin's only outdoor pickleball facility.  You are welcome to daytime play or evening activities under the best court lights in Austin.  The Austin Tennis & Pickleball Center, in collaboration with the Greater Austin Pickleball Association or GAP now offer a wide range of programs to meet the growing needs of the pickleball community from the Austin and surrounding areas.  The ATPC offers introductory and novice classes, intermediate level work-outs, rec and comp level leagues, and Junior Development programs.  Please also consider the ATPC as your first stop to shop for new and used equipment and supplies.

Adult Programs

Beginner Pickleball Class                    2-hour Class

This 2-hour Beginner Pickleball class is an introductory class meant to help new players learn the basic rules, strategy and scoring of the fastest growing sport in America.

If you have an interest in Pickleball, then this beginner class held by ATPC instructor Calvin Keeney will help you hit the court swinging!

Register online by using the following link.

Click here to see the ATPC online calendar which includes the Pickleball Beginner Classes mentioned above.

To register online, click on the link above to find a time that works best for you. Then select the class on the appropriate date which will have a registration link to reserve your spot online.






Other Pickleball Classes taught by Calvin Keeney:

I also have additional Pickleball Classes including:

1. Hitting the Pickleball 
2. Intermediate (3.0-3.5)
3. Advanced (4.0 and above)

Check out the calendar to find upcoming class dates.


      Pickleball Private Lessons by Calvin Keeney:

Find out coach Calvin Keeney's latest Pickleball coaching details here at his webstite.