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 Lincoln Ward - USPTA
 Director/Teaching Pro
 Lincoln has been teaching and running programs on the Austin Tennis scene for over 19 years.  He spent several   years  at Pharr Tennis Center as the Junior Development Director.  Afterwards, he became the Head Coach for   Concordia University Tennis Team.  Most recently, he has spent the last 3 years at Caswell Tennis Center.  
 During this time, Lincoln has coached and help develop adults and juniors ranging from beginner to collegiate caliber.   He has coached several Junior and Adult Team Tennis squads to City and State Championships in various levels.  He   has coached several junior players to the Champ and Super Champ levels.
 Lincoln also started a grant/donation-based grassroots afterschool tennis-sports program that sends out coaches to   elementary and middle school campuses to teach and introduce tennis to children of all ages.  This program is   completely free to every child.  This program has been utilized by over 30 elementary and middle schools in the   Austin Area. 
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 Michael Scott Rodriguez
 Assoc. Teaching Pro-USPTA/USPTR
 Michael Scott has been teaching at the Austin Tennis Center since 2013.  He is a competitive 4.5 player that has   developed a loyal following of students over the years.  If you’re looking to have fun while really improving your   game, Michael is the choice for you.  Michael will be assisting with the Junior Development program at the Austin   10&under Training Center preparing our advanced players for tournament competition.  He will also take lead in   developing our advanced adult programs starting at 3.5 and up.
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 Jonathan "Coach Chon" Ninh
 Assoc. Teaching Pro-USPTA
 Coach Chon is a 5.0 level player that has held his USPTA certification since 2012.  He grew up in the Austin area   competing at the USTA Champ and Super Champ levels.  He has developed multiple players into champ and Super   Champ levels.  Coach Chon will take lead in developing our advanced level Junior Development programs as well as   our intro adults starting with 2.5 and 3.0 clinics.  Jonathan Ninh is currently in training for local Future ITF tournament   competition.  He expertise in tournament play is a great addition to the staff at the Austin Tennis Center.

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 Lincoln Ward-Front Desk / String Technician
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 Eric Gonzales-Front Desk
 Michael Rodriguez-Front Desk / Teaching Pro / String Technician
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