Austin 10&Under Training Center

Davis Cup
10&Under Training Center
The Austin Tennis Center
The Austin 10&under Training Center was made possible through the Davis Cup Legacy Project.    The Grand Opening for the Austin 10&Under Training Center was held October 22, 2011.    This was the largest Davis Cup Project in the country thanks in large part to the strong collaboration between the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department and the USTA Texas Section.
The Davis Cup 10&Under Training Center offers Austin's only permanent 36' Quickstart courts.      The Davis Cup 10& Under Training Center offers programming starting at 3 years & Up.  There is also the Carole Welder covered pavillion for parants and family to view.      The Davis Cup 10& Under Training Center will be hosting Quickstart Tournaments for 8&Under and 10&Under every other month.  Call (512) 928-8119 for more info on registering your child in Austin's Premeire 10&under training program!
The 36' Quickstart Court is the new USTA regulation size competitive court for 8&Under      At the Austin Tennis Center, specialized equipment is used to compliment the junior training schedule including youth ball machines     Through the quickstart training program, children as young as 5 years old are competing with 8 year olds!
The 2011 USA Davis Cup Team inspire our young and upcoming tennis athletes.      Everybody has been anticipating the impact of these 36' Quickstart Courts.    The Austin 10&Under Training Center works with children as early as 3 years old.
The Austin Tennis Center offers after school programs as well as weekend classes.             The public is encouraged to reserve court time on the new 36' Quickstart Courts.    Children see success, build confidence, and improve stroke developement at a faster rate.
Any of these kids could become the future of US Tennis!     The Austin Tennis Center will be hosting 10&Under Quickstart Tournament almost every month for all levels!     Kids will learn to compete while having a blast!!!
This banner from the Davis Cup is displayed where our young players can see to help motivate them to achieve academic and athletic excelence.  Todder II Monday Class Fall 2011