Austin Pickleball Cooperative - Competitive Pickleball Leagues - League FAQS
You can find the full information about the Austin Pickleball Cooperative Competitive Pickleball Leagues here

 How can I join the waitlist? 

We run a continuous waitlist for all three nights of our league. 

Can I join a waitlist for a night where I don’t have the minimum DUPR rating?

No, at this time we do not allow for exceptions. 


When will I be moved off of the waitlist?

When spaces open up in the league, we will add players into the league: 

  • We will batch add players to the ladder, typically once per month

  • Eligible players on the waitlist will be notified by TeamReach. Players must respond within 3 days and must pay within 3 days to secure their position in league.

    • Failure to do so will remove you from the waitlist. You will need to sign up for the waitlist and start at the bottom of the waitlist.


How many nights can I play?

Due to the high demand for pickleball play, players may only play in one night of co-ed league. Players may register for both a co-ed night and the women’s league. 

Exceptions may be made for volunteers or for subs to ensure that the league is running smoothly.

Where can I find the current ladder? When is it updated?
The ladder will be updated by Thursday after league play each week.!/


What is DUPR? Why are we using it? 

DUPR is the Dynamic Universal Pickleball Ratings system. All players are rated between 2.000-8.000. 

Your DUPR rating is calculated by: 1. Margin of Victory (points won), 2. Type of Result (Recreational play vs. League/Tournaments) and 3. Outcome (win or loss)

You can

We use DUPR for several reasons:
We use it to seed most of the initial ladder placement, so that initial games are more competitive
We log all the league games into DUPR, so players can get an accurate rating as their play improves across the season

How does the ladder work? How do I go up or down the ladder?

Ladder movement is based on how you placed within your group for the night:
1st:  Move up 6 slots
2nd:  Move up 2 slots
3rd:  Move down 2 slots
4th:  Move down 6 slots

Keep in mind these will never be exact as adjustments are made for absent players and ties that occur after movement is calculated.  There is a Calculation tab in the Tableau dashboard that gives some explanation to how results are calculated every week.  Please let us know if you have questions or think there’s been a mistake before league starts the following week.

Absent players should expect to move down by around 4 slots.  This is not to punish absent players but to allow room for others to move up when they win their group.  ‘Day Of’ cancellations are subject to punitive movement down the ladder.

Subs within a group do count toward determining rank within a group.  This is so every player has the same opportunity to be first (or last) whether or not there is a sub in the group.  As we count subs toward rankings, we do our best to make sure the subs we choose are at the same playing level as the rest of the group.


Who should be playing in the leagues? 

The three competitive nights of league are intended to help players who are training for and participating in tournaments. 

To keep the league competitive, we have minimum DUPR ratings for each night:

Sunday/Monday: 3.00+

Tuesday: 4.0+

There are also Novice and Advanced Novice leagues at Austin Tennis Center and a Team Pickleball Leagueif you would like to get experience playing competitive pickleball (and earn your initial rating).


I play in tournaments but don’t meet the minimum DUPR requirement. Can I still play?

No, you must have at least the minimum DUPR when you fill out the waitlist form AND when you are notified there’s a spot for you in the league. 


How do I join the sub list?

You can join our TeamReach sub group list. The group name is Austin Pickleball Cooperative” and the Group Code is: APC-Sub-List.

Our attendance coordinate will reach out to players in this group when a sub is needed.


It’s really windy/rainy/cold! Will there be league tonight?

Safety is our top priority, so we will monitor conditions on the courts and make announcements in TeamReach if we delay the start or cancel the league due to weather. 

We use the following guidelines: 

Rain:  If the courts are wet, we don’t play due to safety concerns. Any amount of rain that makes the courts wet, including light rain or a drizzle, may be cause for weather cancellation


Lightning:  Stop play when lightning is within five miles of ATC.

Wind:  high wind warning in Travis County that overlaps with league play (7:15pm - 9pm).

Cold:  Temperatures below 40 F forecasted during league play (7:15 - 9pm).