Pickleball Ladder Leagues

League Admin: Austin Pickleball Cooperative League 

Ladder leagues run for 10 weeks. There are 3 ladder leagues available:

Day of Week Type of League Start Time End Time League Dates Registration Link Cost


Sunday Women's Ladder League | Intermediate/Advanced


6:30pm Warmup


10-Week Fall League


Sunday, Sept 18th, 2022

Sunday Registration CLICK HERE $65
Mondays Co-Ed Ladder League | Intermediate/Advanced


6:30pm Warmup



10-Week Fall League; 
Start Date:

Monday, Sept 19th, 2022

 Monday Registration CLICK HERE $65
Tuesday Co-Ed Ladder League | Tournament/Advanced


6:30pm Warmup


10-Week Fall League; Start Date:

Tuesday, Sept 20th, 2022

Tuesday Registration CLICK HERE $65


Registration & Season Schedule

Registration will be linked to this page when available. 

Registration for all three leagues will open on September 7th at noon. 

Note: for the fall league 2022, we will be skipping the following dates for holidays: Monday Nov 21st, Tuesday Nov 22nd, Sunday Nov 27th

League Format (6:30pm - 10pm)

Week 1 | Pickleball Social Night
7pm - 7:30pm | We will be going over the structure of the league and what to expect in weeks 2-10. 
In our first week, we’ll get to know each other, play some pickleball, and eat/drink. Pizza will be provided, and you can BYOB.
Attendance is optional, but please indicate “absent” on the absence form if you are not able to attend. 

Week 2 | Royalty of the Hill | 6:30pm - 10pm
Warm up 6:30 - 7pm; open play after the Royalty of the Hill is complete.
Courts will be numbered starting with 1 as the top court. The court assignments will be based on DUPR ratings (see mydupr.com to set up your account and see your current rating). 
After the initial court assignments, we will play for two hours (7pm - 9pm). Games will be timed; Winners will go up, losers will go down. Both teams split; At the end of the night, the ladder will be seeded based on the results from the event.
Attendance is strongly recommended.If you are absent, we will place you in the ladder based on your rounded down DUPR rating. If you are NR, you will be placed at the bottom of the ladder. Example: If you are rating a 3.78, you will be placed one spot below the lowest seeded 3.7 player on the ladder. 

Weeks 3 - 10 | Ladder League | 6:30pm - 10pm 
Warm up 6:30 - 7pm; the ladder games begin at 7pm, and there will be open play after all teams have completed their three games.
Three games to 15 (win by 1) will be played each night, alternating partners with the 3 other players on your court. 
Points will be tallied (highest possible is 45 points each night). 

For the first two weeks: The court winner will go up 2 courts; The 2nd place player will go up 1 court; The 3rd place player will go down 1 court; The 4th place player will go down 2 courts.

For weeks 5-10: The court winner will go up  1.5 courts; The 2nd place player will go up 0.5 courts; The 3rd place player will go down 0.5 courts; The 4th place player will go down 1.5 courts.

All games will be recorded & counted in DUPR under our club. You are responsible for: (1) creating an account at mydupr.com prior to the league start and (2) joining the league “club” (visit https://mydupr.com/dashboard/club/6743517165/info and click on “Join Club”).

Ladder Link

The ladder will be updated by Thursday after league play each week. http://Public.tableau.com/profile/greater.austin.pickleball#!/

League Rules

You MUST consent to the League Rules prior to registering for league or your registration will be deleted. These terms are reiterated during the registration process. 

A lot of people want to play in our league! Regular attendance is expected for all participants. 
Please join the sub list instead of signing up for a regular spot if you plan on being gone for more than three of the eight ladder league weeks. Players who habitually have several absences may be barred from registering as a regular player for a season.

Pickleball league is competitive, but fun and community come first. We expect that you have already learned to compete, win, and lose gracefully and can play nicely with others. 
No one wants to spend their evening dealing with someone else's whining, tantrums, or grouchiness - we play pickleball to get away from those things. 
Bad behavior and unsportsmanlike conduct will be grounds for removal from league play and a permanent ban from registering for future league seasons.

DUPR Ratings
For weeks 3-10, all ladder league games will be entered into DUPR (mydupr.com). You must have a (free) account and be a member of our (1) league “club” (visit https://mydupr.com/dashboard/club/6743517165/info and click on “Join Club”).

Planned Absences & No Show Policy

You are required to provide written communication to the league of any planned absences. If you need to miss a week, we need to find you a sub, so let us know early that you need to miss.

You are required to complete the Attendance Google Form for each and every day you will be absent from the league. We will not accept email, text, or phone calls notifications of a planned absence. 

You are expected to inform the league the day before league night or sooner.  If you must cancel the day of league, you MUST fill out the google form AND send a TeamReach message.

A 'Day of' cancellation may have a negative impact on your ladder ranking (unless it is a dire emergency). 

No Shows: You are required to provide written notice to the league administrator by at least 3pm the day of the league. If you fail to do so, you will be immediately removed from the league and will have to sit out the next league season.

Exceptions may be granted by the organizers (such as in the case of emergencies). Travel delays DO NOT constitute an emergency.

You are responsible for confirming that we have received your absence notification. This should be done two ways: Google Form Notification: You will receive a notification automatically from the Google Form to your email address. Team Reach Notification: Our attendance volunteer will post the known absences in TeamReach the day of or before league. You MUST reply to the message if you plan to be absent and do not see your name. Failure to do so will be considered a "no show."



We communicate exclusively through TeamReach. You must join TeamReach to be part of the league. Please avoid sending other messages through the TeamReach group. 

You will need to add yourself to the TeamReach group. You will receive one confirmation email after registering with a reminder to join our TeamReach for updates. You must be in the TeamReach group by the 2nd week of league. After the 2nd week, you will be responsible for being aware of the content in those messages.

TeamReach Codes
APC League - Sunday nights | Code: SundayLeague
APC League - Monday nights | Code: MondayLeague
APC League - Tuesday nights | Code: TuesdayLeague


1. Someone on my court is arguing a line call. What should I do? 

Abide by the line call rules (see related FAQ). If the conversation goes on for more than 60 seconds, you need to notify the league admin. He or she will make a ruling on the situation so that play can continue. 

2. How do line calls work in pickleball?

Only make line calls on  your side of the pickleball court and always strive for accuracy

Only call "out" balls when space is clearly visible between the line and where the pickleball lands

Call "out" balls promptly (before the start of the next point)

Use voice and/or hand signals to call "out" balls

Give the benefit of the doubt to your opponents

If you and your partner disagrees, the ball is "in"

Spectators should not make any line calls

Do not question opponents' line calls unless there is a referee

You may ask your opponents to make a line call (but you give up your right to make the call and, if your opponents cannot make the call, the call will be "in")

An "out" call prior to the pickleball bouncing will be deemed partner communication and not a line call

You may overrule a line call that is to your disadvantage (and in favor of your opponents) at any time

3. What is DUPR? Why are we using it? 

DUPR is the Dynamic Universal Pickleball Ratings system. All players are rated between 2.000-8.000. 


Your DUPR rating is calculated by: 1. Margin of Victory (points won), 2. Type of Result (Recreational play vs. League/Tournaments) and 3. Outcome (win or loss)

You can read more at https://mydupr.com/.